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FITA Commonwealth Working Group Meeting

Sunday 3rd July 2011 Turin


Attendees:       Susanne Womersley, Selwyn Moskowitz, Al Wills, Hilda Gibson, Anil Kamineni, Carole A Hicks, Dion Buhagiar, Tom Dielen (Items 1 and 7/8)

Notes and Actions:

1.      Introduction

Tom summarised what he had reported to Congress in the last two days.  We need to put all our weight behind Hambantota who have not only included Archery in their bid but have placed Archery in the stadium to be used for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


Now we need to focus on 2022 bids and getting Archery as a mandatory sport for future Commonwealth Games.  ASIOF have been asked to help with the assessment of the bids, which is positive.  We also need to consider the feedback from the Gold Coast bid and also to increase the number of Commonwealth nations competing.


Tom emphasised that this is important because the Commonwealth Games and development of smaller nations are part of the assessment process for Olympic sports.


Susanne indicated that she shared the concept of a virtual Commonwealth competition with Congress and that Africa will hold a regional Commonwealth Championships in conjunction with the African Championships in 2013.


Selwyn commented that the overall objective is to get a change in the CGF constitution and the way to do that is to consistently link the words ‘archery’ and ‘Commonwealth’.  We need to make the case using ArcheryTV etc. in 19 months time.  Need to start assembling information and pull together a professional presentation.  We need to make it easy for hosting countries by providing everything for them.


Tom commented that the challenge is similar with the Universiade, less so as the choice of sports is made after the Games have been awarded.  FITA is making the case that to develop sport, Archery needs to be included in every event rather than once in, once out….  FITA has prepared a brochure which was submitted to the Executive Committee three weeks ago.  We could do something similar for the Commonwealth – does it make sense?  What Tom is looking for from the Working Group is clarity around what is required – budget, booklet, presentation… where is the priority (e.g. versus the African Games) for feedback for the IOC?

Carole shared that the CGF Sports Committee met two weeks ago to discuss mandatory and non mandatory sports.  She will contact the NZL person on the committee for information/advice. 


Anil also commented that we need to understand why bid cities do not want to include Archery.


2.      Africa

What’s happening.  FA disbanded and reformed with a new constitution – now 23 countries.  Secured funding, now have people willing to do the job and a clear documented vision.  E.g. African Continental Games – document prepared to invite bids requiring $5000 deposit.  Professional assessment, site assessment and have secured Olympic Solidarity funding.  Using experienced judges to run courses to develop judges to international standard.  Also qualified a number of National and Continental coaches.  Helped tremendously to have a permanent office and staff.


3.      Next Steps/Timeline

Selwyn – need to align Archery and Commonwealth – virtual tournament and publicity around it can help (although Selwyn doesn’t like an outdoor event – would prefer indoor).  Al – maybe double badge National Championships?  Dion – déjà vu – Small States Games – archery not included – set up an individual event – now get the comment – you have your own event and it’s successful.


4.      Content of Presentation + booklet/CD to take away

·       World Class Level/Continental Distribution

o   CG Delhi – medals went to all 5 continents

o   World Cup Final – 50% of qualifiers from the Commonwealth

o   Competing nations – participants from the Commonwealth in World Championships – e.g. Bangladesh growth

o   Popularity – no of member nations and membership levels, recent UK survey

·       Low level of investment required/overlay straight forward

·       TV coverage – demonstrate it is a TV sport + viewing figures from Beijing, Delhi

·       Professional structures and standards – rules, judges, organisation

·       Passionate words, supported by facts, tell them where archery is now

·       Inclusive – e.g. Dani Brown, Kevin Evans


5.      Budget

Funding is required to prepare a presentation, booklet and someone to go to Kuala Lumpa.

6.      Commonwealth Archery Championships

Africa – will run Commonwealth Championships in conjunction with the African Championships.

Americas (COPACO) – Al explore if one of the Caribbean countries could do?

Oceania – not feasible to do early 2012 – could perhaps run Oceania champs.

Asia – separate tournament likely.

Europe – Euronations or European Grand Prix – but EMAU may not be prepared to co-brand a European Grand Prix. 

Can approach Olympic, Commonwealth and National bodies for funding for Commonwealth events.

Need to have each proposed tournament make a bid to FITA for support to run the Commonwealth Regional Archery Championships of <Continent> (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Ociania).  Get included on FITA calendar.  Also, need to define how many qualify etc.

Finals – need to identify who will host – Sri Lanka if Hambantota win bid, Malaysia keen, Glasgow (with Chef de Mission meeting)?  Previous undertaking to host a Commonwealth Cup in Glasgow in 2013).

7.      Virtual Commonwealth Tournament

Eligibility – apply the FITA rule.  Have open to all who want to compete.  Discussion of which round to use.  Need to comply with FITA rules.  Decided to use 70m 720 for recurve and 50m 720 for compound.  Timeline – could use 12 months and this addresses concerns re different conditions at different times of the year.

Use Glade approach or Commonwealth Archery Association website?  Use national office (or alternatively agreed channel) to collate and submit the scores from National recognised events as a minimum. – look at mica page – take a look at this – already up and running.  Start with individual and look at team in the future.

Name – Commonwealth Archery Challenge

8.      AOB

·       Regional Status - Europe- Hilda will continue to work with the GBR home nations to increase the level of connect and influence with the CGAs. 

·       No need for this group to become more official, keep as FITA appointed working group.

·       Need to build a list of archery contacts for each Commonwealth country – base on Carole’s list from Delhi and all to supply changes/additions to Al.

·       Who doing what – Selwyn will prepare the presentation as long as he is provided with the raw statistics.

·       Anil/Carole to identify what is happening in the CGF Executive and voting etc.

·       Al to continue to run the Commonwealth Archery web site and will include material from Working Group activities as they are supplied.  This web site also to be used for the Commonwealth Archery Challenge and Al agreed to collate/publish scores.