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CGF Ad-hoc Working Group meeting

Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, 31 July 2012


Present:            Susanne Womersley (chairperson), Hilda Gibson (Home Countries), Dion Buhagia  (Europe), Carole Hicks (Oceania)

Apologies were received from the other members of the Committee who were not able to be present at the Olympic Games.


Continental Qualifying Tournaments

Africa         completed

Europe       completed

Oceania     to be held in NZL 6-9 November 2012

Americas   no interest

Asia             Anil advises there is no room for another tournament. Suggested they use an existing tournament and use the ranking round to determine the results if an additional match play cannot be included.

India had indicated a willingness to host the “Finals” tournament including providing free accommodation. It was intended to have just the winner of each continent, male/female, recurve and compound individual not team events. Perhaps “wild cards” could be provided to the Americas to help promote archery in that Continent.


Hilda will endeavour to meet with Anil when he is in London on business.

We need to consider how we can take advantage of the very positive outcome of the Olympic archery competition and build it into material already being assembled.


Susanne will ask Selwyn to circulate the material he has so we can contribute where appropriate and ensure we are all giving the same message when we meet with others.


Hilda noted  Don Parker is a member of the Commonwealth Games Federation Sports Council. She will continue contact with him.


Carole will confirm the Oceania representative and advise Susanne.

We need to update the statistics and get the information spread globally so as many Commonwealth countries as possible will support the permanent inclusion of archery.


It was noted that George T in one of his general comments said that more people were watching archery at the Games than the basketball.


The video at Lord’s was not particularly good but that from the CWG in Delhi was superb.


Susanne will talk to Jim Larven to see what might be available for use on our web site.

The Commonwealth Committee web site needs to be kept updated and the link from World Archery to it needs to be reinstated. The results of the Continental tournaments should be published.


Dion will talk to Al Wills about the web site, content, etc.


It is important we know who the various bidders for future CWGs are so they can be contacted, material provided to them.


Hilda will talk to Mike Hooper to get advice on who is doing what, what might be the best approach.


Susanne talk to:    Tom Dielen about material                                available, stats, etc

                               Didier Mev renew the link WA-                               Commonwealth web sites

                               Jim Larven Delhi footage

                               Oceania representative on                                Sports Committee if an                                 Australian.

Hilda talk to:          Anil about the Asian                               tournament and Finals

                              Don Parker (Sports Council)

                              Mike Hooper

                              Send results of European                               tournament to Al Wills

                              Continue development of                                contacts with Home Countries

Dion talk to:           Al about the Commonwealth                               web site

Carole to:              confirm Oceania member on                               Sports Council, make contact if                               not Australian

                              Discuss Commonwealth                               involvement of countries at the                               Paralympics


There has been some discussion about greater involvement of people with disabilities in the Comm. Games. After discussion with Tom Dielen, WA will support it ideally to showcase archery as the ideal sport for those with and without disabilities. We would look to have both groups included probably in a single competition or perhaps as separate competitions. This is just another avenue to explore.