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CGF Ad-hoc Working Group meeting

Copenhagen, 23 July 2015


Present: S. Womersley, A. Wills, A. Kamineni, H. Gibson, C. Hicks, S. Moskowitz,


Apologies: D. Buhagiar





1.       Activities/achievements/challenges in each of the regions



No money or time for additional championships. Only Canada is a larger country, others are very small with limited activity.



Not been able to attract entries to Commonwealth Championships competition- only six countries interested.



Every year continental events (indoors and outdoor) held, sanctioned by WA and CGF, officially known as CG champs Africa, did presentations, videos, etc.

Received positive feedback from OC from CG bid in South Africa, but they did not come true on their promises – committee selected their own sports.

Archery might loose the only outdoor range in a province as a result.



Three CG Championships in Europe, but only home nations attending, WA and CGF logo on medals. Attendance dwindling – combined with event called Euronations, but 2016 possibly no host. Tried for junior event because of Samoa, but did not happen. Six youths going to Samoa.

CGF people invited to archery events.

Ongoing correspondence with CGF – dialogue is kept alive.



Archery part of Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa.

Tried to hold championships in conjunction with NZL championships in 2013, but not enough entries from Commonwealth countries.

Currently WAO Executive is not looking at Commonwealth Games

Entries for Samoa worse than expected, so second round of entries called for. There could be a possibility of AUS being able to send a couple of archers to Samoa.


2.      Where to from here:


Need to change strategy – don’t concentrate on OCs of bid cities.

Need to have someone from archery in the committees.

CGF believes that archery is not exciting and does not get TV coverage.

There will be a number of CGF executives in Samoa – needs to be a good event. CH will see Chris Wells to get a presentation to showcase archery.

Try and increase entry numbers – talk to countries that are in Copenhagen whether they are sending anybody to Samoa.

WA needs to come on board, could to do formal application to have constitution changed and archery as a core sport, not an optional sport.

WA could send videos, stats, etc to CGF executives, include them in mailing lists of WA communications etc.

2015 WA Championships – need to analyse results on where archers from Commonwealth are sitting.

Meeting to continue: 25 July 12 noon.

CGF Ad-hoc Working Group meeting

Copenhagen, 25 July 2015

Present: S. Womersley (part time), A. Wills, A. Kamineni, H. Gibson, S. Moskowitz, T. Dielen

Apologies: D. Buhagiar, C. Hicks


Selwyn - strategy initially was to raise profile in each region.  Did a lot with Africa - events over a number of years.  Then supplied a tablet with videos and made presentations to Gideon Sam.  About 2 years ago - indication (in writing) that Archery would be included in Durban bid.  Then requested information from bid group - received no response.  Then when bid document published - didn't include Archery.  Conclusion is that there is no process/approach is opaque.  This needs to change.

Proposal that World Archery raises these concerns to the CGF.  A process/procedure for the bids is required.

Tom - Canada pulled out - Archery was in that bid. Track cycling also not included in Durban - many CGAs concerned about this.  Clear understanding at CGF staff level that things have to change.  Tom is prepared to travel to London to meet with David Grevemberg CGF CEO.  Tom to set up a meeting, Hilda to attend also.  Identify if there is to be a clear process going forward, if not, then we won't put effort into having Archery included in future bids.

Elections at General Assembly for new president - Prince Imran and Louise Martin expected candidates.  Possibly other elections at the same time.  We should approach the candidates about they are prepared to do with respect to the bidding process.

How can we make Samoa as good as it can be?  Work to maximise attendees.  Seven going from Europe, plus India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka but not Singapore from Asia.  Everyone to advertise that further entries possible to all Commonwealth Member Associations and CGAs.

Continue to organise Continental Commonwealth Championships were possible to maintain profile of Archery as a Commonwealth sport.