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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [What efforts are being made to bring archery into future Commonwealth Games?]
A: [World Archery has struck a working group to work on archery's inclusion, the members are:
    - Susanne Womersley Chair and Council liaison;
    - Carole Hicks, Oceania;
    - Hilda Gibson, Dion Buhagiar, Europe;
    - Anil Kamineni, Asia;
    - Selwyn Moskowitz, Africa;
    - Al Wills, Americas and
    - Tom Dielen, Secretary General FITA.

The purpose is to make a strategy for the inclusion of archery.  To come up with a plan to get the message across to CGF and the host or bid committees that we are an important Commonwealth Games sport.

Any support from other agencies is appreciated.]