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2013 Commonwealth Championships Europe

The Commonwealth Archery Championships for Europe 2013 took place in conjunction with the Euronations event at Pontypridd, Wales on 13th July 2013.  Firty one archers representing six of the ten European Commonwealth countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) shot a World Record Status FITA in glorious sunshine.  Thanks to support from Archery GB, the winners were awarded specially commissioned glass medallions together with a certificate of achievement.  CGF, World Archery and the Welsh Archery Association have approved the use of their logos for these awards, which were presented by Huw Irannca Davies, local Member of Parliment and 'sponsor' for Archery.

Congratulations to Chantelle Goubert on being the first Guernsey ladies recurve to shoot over 1200 and to Zoe Gray on being the first Guernsey ladies compound to shoot over 1300.

Thanks to Sue and Langford Davies and their work party for organising this event.

Mens line
Mens Line
Pontypridd '13
2013 Commonwealth

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Results (pdf)

Sample of Championship Certificate (pdf)